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Jenny is passionate, articulate and inspiring!

Cut Bank Schools Teacher

The Happy Heart Mentorship has been pivotal in helping me find focus and purpose in growing my teaching practice.

Success Academy Teacher Mentee

Jenny is so good at communicating the importance of the fine arts and relevance to the classroom. She challenges participants to really look at works of art and feel what is being expressed. This night was important for Arts Integration because the focus was on the importance of Visual & Media Arts at the Elementary levels for many reasons. Not just for the many cognitive development reasons, but for the social emotional, and personal benefits to students. Jenny’s workshop speaks perfectly to this topic. The content she presents gives educators and students teaching/learning devices to access the social, emotional, and personal expressive skill areas in the arts.

Glacier High School Teacher

Positivity and perseverance has increased tenfold! Scholars are using positive self talk and cheering on their peers.

Success Academy Teacher Mentee

I could use EVERYTHING that we DID today with I my 1st grade class. It was helpful (and nice) to be on the “student” side of things.

Elementary School Teacher Workshop Participant

The students thoroughly enjoyed Jenny. They were engaged seemed happy to participate with her. She helped us all see creativity in new ways and helped us discover the need to tap in to our own creativity.

Flathead High School Teacher

Jenny’s presentation brought our students and teachers together in a playful creative way that is not often a part of our school community. Her presentation was short enough that it fit into the teachers work day but long enough that quality material could be drawn out of it. Jenny was very easy to work with. She was easy to reach and quick to respond to my calls and emails. Together we planned what would work for Box Elder, she was flexible but also very aware of what she needed for her presentation to be a success, and it was.

Box Elder Teacher

Jenny taught me ways to make art not so stressful. The discussion on how art made people feel was important because it inspired me to use my art to help others.

Flathead High School Student

I learned that everyone has a voice.

Glacier High School Student

Jenny helped me get rid of that little voice in my head that says, “I can’t.”

Flathead High School Student

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