Soundscape Crew outside Limnal Lacrimosa installation, Kalispell, MT, 2021

This project was designed to activate Liminal Lacrimosa, an immersive installation by Mary Mattingly created in an abandoned brewery building in Kalispell, MT. Collected snow melt and rainwater drips into vessels, overflows into the floor, and is cycled through the building.  For one night only, 130 people made their way through Mary’s installation, experiencing the percussive sounds of the dripping water interacting with poetry, singing, flute, and accordion music. This Soundscape was created in partnership with KALICO Art Center as the centerpiece of their first gala fundraiser. It was a Montana adventure as folks in formal wear, coats, and boots made their way through the installation pausing to warm themselves before and after at strategically placed firepits.

From left: Jenny, Alisha Shilling (KALICO Chair), Kelly Garber (accordion), Annette Strean-Cornelius (vocals), Mary, and Caitlin Christopher (poet). Not pictured, Rebecca Nelson (flute).

 Collaborative Curation involves facilitating a group’s creativity and helping shape that energy into a culminating event or outcome. It might look like:

Art exhibitions

Community-based projects

Book groups

Interactive make-alongs

Interventions or Activations

Community conversations with artists