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So, you're ready to plan a workshop? Great!

If you want to book one of my seven basic workshops, that's a great place to start. I offer these workshops in the areas of Creativity, Arts Integration, and Mindfulness. Once you book, we'll hold a phone consultation so I can get to know your needs, your population, and modify the workshop to meet the specific needs of your group.

Have a different idea you'd like to explore? If you'd like to partner with me to develop an entirely new workshop, I'd love to talk with you about what you've got in mind!

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Free Workshops for Schools & Community Groups

Schools can book a workshop for free through Humanities Montana's "Speaker in the Schools" program. Community groups and organizations are also eligible to apply for free workshops through the Montana Conversations program.

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Workshop Format

My workshops are very interactive with lots of time for questions and specific troubleshooting. I often work with students first, so that teachers can observe. Then, I work with the teachers.Teachers will leave with strategies and activities they can use the next day!

All of my workshops have the following components, but the emphasis can change depending on your focus.

~ Looking at artworks and discussing them using open-ended questions

~ Hands-on art making

~ Multi-modal art games and activities to engage different types of learners

~ Research based practices and resources

~ Reflection and sharing

I also offer two hour workshops that split time between students and teachers, so that after the students enjoy an hour of workshop time, I can unpack the session with teachers so they can adapt the workshop lessons to future classes.

Workshop Pricing

For organizations that can't book a free workshop through Humanities Montana, I offer the following pricing options. Pricing includes planning time, phone calls, emails, resource via documents and email links, and some follow-up questions/conversations.

1 hour workshop: $125

2 hour workshop: $250

Half-Day workshop (includes 3 hours of instructional time): $375

Full Day PIR (6 hours of instructional time) $750

Possible additional costs include: materials (may be provided by the school, or purchased by Jenny); Copies (may be provided by the school); travel (.50/mile round trip); lodging (if necessary).

Renewal credits are offered  (1 credit = 1 hour of instruction)

I also offer public classes and events from time to time.

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