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Imagining the Possibilities: A Montana Arts Education Summit, Helena, MT, 2016

Jenny Bevill has spent more than 20 years teaching in public schools, museums, and community centers in New York City and Montana, including a decade at the Guggenheim Museum from 2004-2014. Jenny served as the Educator and Outreach Specialist at the Missoula Art Museum from 2018-2021 and helped develop the award winning distance learning platform, Museum as Megaphone, and the Art Host Initiative which connects Tribal nations across Montana with the museum to share contemporary Indigenous art. She has been a workshop leader for Humanities Montana since 2016. She now coordinates the statewide Democracy Project for teens and works as a collaborative curator and organizational mentor for KALICO Art Center and other grassroots arts organizations. She regularly presents at state and national conferences and was voted Art Teacher of the Year for 2022 by her peers in the Montana Arts Education Association.

Jenny is passionate about facilitating shared experiences for folks of all ages, abilities, and identities inspired by works of contemporary art. Her workshops are grounded in creativity research, social emotional learning, and embodied practices that foster connection and deeper understanding of ourselves and one another. She helps people unlock their self-expression and have hard conversations by cultivating growth mindset, curiosity, resilience, and other creative behaviors. 

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Listen in on an interview with Jenny on accessing creativity: Fearless Self Love Podcast 


Organizational Mentoring

For arts organizations seeking support with envisioning, strategic planning, pivots, outreach, inclusion, and removing obstacles to engagement. Learn more here.

Collaborative Curation

For groups wanting to amplify community connection via exhibitions, events, and projects both virtual and in-person. Featured here, a Soundscape activating Limnal Lacrimosa by Mary Mattingly and featuring the accordion of Kelly Diane. Learn more here.


For teachers and/or students centered around contemporary art, featuring discussion, art-making, and wrestling with the questions of our time. Learn more here.

I got a shout out yesterday at our staff meeting about teaching our kids mindfulness techniques, and how the kids are practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques to calm themselves down throughout their day. Thank you SO MUCH Ilana and Jenny for providing us with the tools to make this magic happen in our schools!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

~ Success Academy Teacher Mentee

Success Academy Teacher Mentee

I was surprised by how much of Jenny’s workshop related to multiple layers of my life …professional, artistic, and towards motherhood. In just 3 hours I left with new tools and inspiration to help me let go of fear, hesitation, stagnation, and judgement and instead to just find time to create, regardless of the outcome. In an amazing way she also gave me tools towards helping my child do the same.

~ Art As Ally Workshop Participant

Art as Ally workshop participant