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Welcome to Jenny Bevill Creative and Happy HeART Teachers!

I offer workshops and coaching on living a creative life and using creative behaviors to promote health and well being. I guide teachers, students, and artists, both individually and as groups.

My experience is informed by two decades spent in classrooms, museums, and community centers in New York City and Montana. From the Lower East Side to the east side of the Continental Divide, I meet will meet you where you are. Through reflective prompts, experiential artmaking, and conversation we will tap into curiosity and connection together.

I believe in the power of art to heal both the artist and the audience. I believe every human has creative potential but that many of us have not found the pathway to uncover it, or that pathway has been blocked by past experiences. Listen in on an interview with me on accessing creativity: Fearless Self Love Podcast

Need help making peace with uncertainty? Increasing your comfort with venturing outside your comfort zone? Following our intuition allows us to make unexpected connections. Artists think in webs, not lines. We think in terms of change, revision, and reflection. We realize that creativity requires attention, cultivation, practice, curiosity, and leaps into the unknown.

Ready to leap? Reach out for yourself or your staff.

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I got a shout out yesterday at our staff meeting about teaching our kids mindfulness techniques, and how the kids are practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques to calm themselves down throughout their day. Thank you SO MUCH Ilana and Jenny for providing us with the tools to make this magic happen in our schools!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

~ Success Academy Teacher Mentee

Success Academy Teacher Mentee

I was surprised by how much of Jenny’s workshop related to multiple layers of my life …professional, artistic, and towards motherhood. In just 3 hours I left with new tools and inspiration to help me let go of fear, hesitation, stagnation, and judgement and instead to just find time to create, regardless of the outcome. In an amazing way she also gave me tools towards helping my child do the same.

~ Art As Ally Workshop Participant

Art as Ally workshop participant